Pipe Plug Rental & Installation Service

Pipe Plug Rental & Installation Service

Pipe Plugs…We Rent. We Deliver. We Install & Remove. 


Plug Rental: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rental Rates on quality pneumatic sewer/drainage pipe plugs from 6″ to 96″.

We offer offer a variety of pneumatic pipeline plugs to suit your needs and can even provide plugs for use in elliptical pipelines (ask your sales representative for details). Suitable for use in drainage (storm), sewer, water, and industrial pipelines, our pneumatic pipe plugs are typically used to de-water, control flow, and perform testing on construction and maintenance projects. Whether you want to set and remove plugs yourself or have our expert plug-set crews do it for you, we offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rental rates on high quality pneumatic pipe plugs of all sizes.

(Full Isolation)

Standard Pipe Plug


Bypass Pipe Plug

Test Plugs
(Air/Water Pressure Test)

Pipe Test Plug

Delivery: We will Deliver to your Job-Site; On-Call or Scheduled in advance.

Pipe Plug Rental DeliveryNo need to expend valuable time and resources sending your trucks, trailers, and workers to pick up and return pipe plugs. Our dedicated plug-set and delivery crews will deliver any size pipe plugs to your job-site when you need them, and pick them up again when your work is done. And don’t worry…if we can’t get to you the same day you request a pick-up, we won’t charge you for the time you’re not using the plugs. We regularly service the state of Florida and for large projects, we’ll deliver to the entire southeastern United States.

Plug-Setting ServicePlug-Setting can be a precarious and difficult task. Our experienced Plug-Set & Removal Crews will safely set and remove pipe plugs for you.

Pipe Plug Rental LiftOur experienced plug set and removal teams will install and remove plugs in almost any scenario (in structures, in ponds, dry-land, wetland, fully submerged, etc.). A clean, smooth surface is critical to achieving a reliable and safe plug seal. Our crews will descale, remove barnacles, and clean debris from pipelines prior to plug installation. We can also set plugs in submerged locations with the use of OSHA Compliant Commercial Divers.

*Note: Setting and removal of plugs is a potentially hazardous activity that presents a risk of physical injury, drowning, or worse; proper training and adherence to manufacturers’ guidelines is imperative.

Plug Rental Details:

  • Sizes For 6″ through 96″ Pipe Diameter
  • Standard or Flow-Through Plug Types
  • Protective Sleeves Provided for  15″ and Larger
  • Lift Lines Included with Rentals
  • Plug Delivery & Pick-Up Available
  • Suitable For: Sewer, Drainage (Storm), Industrial

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  • Pressure Testing (Air or Water)
  • Pipeline Vacuum Testing
  • Pipeline System Isolation
  • Pipeline System Dewatering
  • Pipeline System Smoke Testing
  • Pipeline System Tracer Dye Testing

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