Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation


Breathe new life into existing pipelines and avoid the high cost of pipeline excavation and replacement with Trenchless Pipeline Repair Solutions from All South Underground.

Repairable Deficiencies:

  • Compression Failures
  • Corrosion Damage (Metallic Pipelines)
  • Cracks & Spawls
  • Cross-Bores (directional drilling damage)
  • Offset, Wide, and Leaking Joints
  • Leaking Lift Holes
  • Concrete Erosion & Reinforcement Corrosion (RCP)
  • Soil Destabilization Cracks
  • Other Forms of Infiltration

Trenchless Pipeline Repair Technologies:

  • Pipe Lining (Cured‐In‐Place; up to 60” Diameter): A structural repair with a design life of over 50 years, inversion lining involves the installation of an epoxy-impregnated composite liner within the failing host pipe. The composite liner seals the host pipe and restores end-to-end structural integrity.
  • Cured-In-Place-Pipeline (CIPP) Point Repairs: An epoxy-impregnated fiberglass sectional liner is installed within the host pipe to create a lasting pipe-within-a-pipe. Usually installed in lengths of approximately 5 feet, CIPP point repairs can be overlapped for greater coverage. Cured in place point repairs provide a lasting structural solution for many types of deficiencies.
  • Stainless Steel & Elastomer Bands and Sleeves: Stainless steel bands or sleeves with elastomer seals provide a mechanical seal that stops leaks and structurally reinforces failing pipelines. All South Underground installs joint seals and sleeves in pipelines from 6″ in diameter and up.
  • Remote Packer Grout Injection: For use in pipelines where manned entry is not possible, a robotic video-equipped packer is deployed into the pipeline and positioned at the site of the deficiency. The packer is then inflated over the site of the deficiency while a two-part acrylamide grout is injected under pressure. The grout travels through the deficiency and permeates the surrounding soil where it gels. The gelled grout/soil matrix creates a permanent non-toxic plug around the pipe, stabilizing the soil and preventing further leaks.
  • Manual Port Pressure Grout Injection: Developed for use where manned entry is possible. Manual Port Pressure Grout Injection involves the drilling of multiple holes (ports) through the wall of the host pipe and into the surrounding soil. An expanding hydrophilic grout is injected through the ports where it fills voids and permeates the surrounding soil. Manual pressure grouting can also be used to rehabilitate manholes, boxes, and other structures.

Compatible Pipe Types (Round & Elliptical) – All Sizes:

  • PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride
  • RCP – Reinforced Concrete Pipe
  • HDPE – High Density Polyethylene (ADS® Pipe)
  • Vitrified Clay Pipe
  • CMP – Corrugated Metal Pipe
  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • And more..

Many of All South Underground’s Trenchless repair methods meet or exceed Department of Transportation (FDOT; DOT), Municipal, and State specifications. Ask your All South representative for more information…

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