Company Overview

History In The Making

Building on over three decades of history servicing the underground utility industry, All South Underground is a market-leading technical services provider to cities, counties, government agencies, private companies, public utilities, and construction firms. We deliver turn-key services to support the maintenance and construction of pipeline, stormwater, telecommunication, power, and underground utility infrastructure.

Our customers entrust our services in support of interstate and highway expansion projects, large-scale residential development, commercial construction, power and utility upgrades, factory expansions, municipal sewer assessment and maintenance, and many other fields.

A modernized, technologically proficient, and forward-looking company focused on delivering reliable and competent services with a company culture that promotes strong safety practices, All South Underground has become the service provider of choice for public and private customers.

Our Story…
In 1984 two friends, one a biologist, and the other an architectural draftsman, recognized the coming need to be able to assess and verify the integrity of new and aging pipeline systems without digging them up.

Entrepreneurs at heart, they immediately set out to solve the problem. A kit-bashed Panasonic black-and-white CCTV camera, a handful of PVC fittings, many hours of cutting and fiddling, and ample amounts of PVC glue later, and they had their first working prototype…a water-resistant video inspection camera with illumination that could be towed through pipelines with a cable. The inspections began.

Little over a year later, Christopher Schrader and Joseph Sepion boarded a plane bound for California to attend one of the first trade-shows devoted to the fledgling sewer cleaning and inspection field. Industry had caught up with their vision. At the show, they demoed and purchased a new-to-market purpose-built stainless steel encased black and white pipeline video inspection camera.

Upon returning from the show, they demonstrated their new equipment for cities and contractors…the word was out…and the phone rang. They embraced the future as advancements brought color video, remote controlled robotic crawlers, digital recording, trenchless rehabilitation methods, computing technology, and new industries to serve. 

Over 30 years later we continue their tradition, leaning into the future and delivering innovative underground utility solutions to an increasing variety of clients.


Headquarters: Tampa, Florida 
Service Area: Southeastern US
Founder History:
 30+ Years

Founded: 2012 (consolidation)
State of Incorporation: FL
CGC #: 1523958
Legal Status: Licensed & Insured
Bonding Capacity: Available
DBE Certification: In-Progress

Accounting & Administrative
Post Office Box 716
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Aries Grout Truck Ser. No. 1
The first remote packer grout truck produced by Aries Industries of Waukesha, WI. Purchased by our founders circa 1987. Aries Serial No. 00001

Trusted Solutions Provider To A Wide Range of Clients

We’ll Tailor Our Approach To Suit Your Needs

Schedules, production meetings, staging, subcontractor coordination, material acquisition, takeoffs, milestones, pay applications, certified payroll, releases, deadlines, owner acceptances…

We understand your world. Excavator

Let us help make your life a little easier. Our estimators and project managers will custom tailor our approach to fit your production, reporting, and financial needs.

Experts at navigating local and state acceptance standards, you can be assured we’ve got your back. When problems arise, we’re available to meet with staff, owner’s representatives, engineers, and inspectors to discuss standards and technical topics. We’ve helped countless contractors complete their projects on-time and on-budget.

It’s our goal to create lasting relationships with our clients. We’re here to help you succeed.

Infrastructure Assessments, Design-Build Participation, Disaster Remediation & Technical Consultation

Engineering firms trust All South Underground to deliver critical data regarding the condition of existing infrastructure and practical guidance on planning and remediation options.

Engineering & Design BuildWe’ve participated in the design build process from conception to completion.

Let our experience be your gain.

Government AgenciesCompetence, Reliability, and Security.

We’re proud to have serviced the US Military, Department Of Transportation, US Coast Guard, and other government agencies.

Competence – Competent management and properly trained technicians provide efficient service to our agency clients.
Reliability – Low staff turnover and high standards of accountability produce a staff of quality oriented professionals.
Security – Our workers undergo background checks and participate in random drug testing which helps streamline site access approvals and credentialing.

Accurate assessment, competent planning, and efficient execution deliver results.

A Balancing Act: Limited Budgets, Limited Technical Expertise, & Limited Time

HOA's & Property ManagersThe challenge of managing HOA and real estate assets can be daunting. Asset managers must balance the immediate demands of members and tenants with the long term maintenance and preservation of the assets under their care. Unfortunately when it comes to underground infrastructure, by the time problems present themselves at the surface, conditions down below are often quite severe.

Regular assessment and maintenance are the best way to extend the life of underground utilities and reduce costly remediations. In many cases, trenchless methods can be utilized to repair deficiencies without the need to disturb topside assets (buildings, roads, landscaping, etc.).

We can help you implement a Scheduled Maintenance Program to reduce topside damage, extend the life of underground infrastructure, and reduce repair and replacement expenses.

Phosphate mining, citrus juice processing, electronics labs, defense technology manufacturing, theme parks, ports…the list goes on.

Industrial Process Tank

From facilities maintenance to process plumbing assessment, we offer a wide variety of services to support our industrial clients:

Facilities Maintenance – Sewer, Wastewater, & Fluid Disposal Systems

Tank Cleaning – Hydro-Jet Cleaning of Industrial Tanks (including confined space entry)

Orange Juice Industry

Process Plumbing – Cleaning & Video Inspection from 1″ up to 48″ Pipe Diameter

Smoke & Tracer Dye Testing – Identify Leaks and Investigate Pathways

Assessment, Maintenance, Rehabilitation, & Emergency Response

Maintaining storm and sewer systems and managing utility upgrades to suit a changing population is challenging. Let us help.

Whether you’re in need of  sewer system assessment, stormwater collection system rehabilitation, storm box maintenance, power distribution conversion, or emergency service we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to bidding, our experienced sales team takes the time to get it right. The bid process starts with a detailed review of all the pertinent information in a bid package followed by careful consideration of topics not explicitly mentioned in bid packages. Issues such as environmental planning, methods of waste disposal, dewatering procedures, safety considerations, and project staging are addressed to ensure that our bids are complete and accurate.

Owners Often Bear the Burden Alone

You noticed cracks forming in the asphalt in your driveway and sink holes are beginning to form.

Your retention pond filled up fast, but doesn’t seem to be draining now that the storm has passed and you’re hoping the rains don’t return.

The ground in front of your seawall is sinking and your seawall has shifted near the outfall of your storm drain.

Stories we’ve heard too often. Out of site is out of mind and it’s understandable that many owners don’t give much thought to their underground infrastructure until serious problems arise. Regardless of what type of asset you own, we understand that the necessity to address problems can seemingly come out of nowhere. We’ll help you get through it.

Our team will present a cost-effective plan to assess and then remediate your problem. If your needs fall outside the scope of our services, we’ll at least point you in the right direction.

Safety, Quality, & ProfessionalismElectrical Handhole

Approved to work on some of the region’s most valued assets, All South Underground maintains a staff of well trained professionals to service electrical, telecom, and water utilities.

Established Safety Program – Excellent Safety Record
Properly Trained Technicians – Quality Work Product
Staff Screening – Background Checks and Random Drug Testing

Utility companies are responsible to the public and maintain high standards. We view our utility services as an extension of that responsibility. Our staff are professional and courteous, present well, and are comfortable interfacing with the public.