All South Adds Capability to Remote Grout Elliptical Pipe

Manned entry into stormwater pipeline systems presents an inherent risk no matter how well precautions are taken and OSHA requirements are followed; the risk is exacerbated when pipe diameters get down below 30″. All South Underground has long been a proponent and provider of the remote packer-based pipeline repair method that utilizes a closed circuit camera and robotic packer to remotely inject grout into joints, cracks, and other dificiencies in pipelines smaller than 30″. The resulting repairs are often much less expensive than lining methods and a fraction of the cost of dig-and-replace methods…and best of all…the method puts safety first and keeps workers out of highly confined spaces.

In the past, options for repairing leaking joints or other localized deficiencies in elliptical pipe were extremely limited. Cured-in-place lining of the entire pipe span could be very costly and dig-and-repair/replace methods are also costly, especially if the pipe runs under buildings, roadways or other infrastructure. Sectional cured-in-place point repairs posed a different risk as cylindrical inflatable carriers struggle to provide adequate pressure to the elongated portions of elliptical pipe walls, all too often resulting in a catastrophic packer failure or poorly fitted liner; both of which present the challenging requirement to remove the defective liner in pipe that was too small for manned entry to begin with.

To solve this problem, All South Underground has enlisted the help of a leading grout packer manufacturer, which has provided made-to-order elliptically shaped remote packers specifically tailored to fit the dimensions of common elliptical RCP storm pipes. The packers work seamlessly with the company’s existing remote grouting systems. Using acrylamide based grouts, All South Underground is now able to permanently seal leaking joints, cracks, and other deficiencies in 14″ x 23″ and “19 x 30” elliptical pipe.

City of Tampa Awards All South Storm Filter Contract

All South Underground looks forward to providing the city of Tampa with excellent service inline with the city’s efforts protect bays and nearshore waters from pollution. On thursday, the city of Tampa awarded All South Underground a city-wide contract to clean bay-saving stormwater filter boxes around Tampa that trap oil, trash, and other debris from stormwater runoff before it flows into Tampa’s rivers, lakes, and bays. As part of the contract, All South Underground will be tasked with hydro-vac cleaning and refurbishment of stormwater system baffle boxes and filters to ensure that they are operating at peak efficiency.