Laser Profiling Brings Deflection to Light

Pipeline Inspection Camera Tractor

When earth settles, roadbeds compress, and bedding erodes, flexible pipelines deflect. Deflection of new and existing pipe can be a serious problem for contractors and asset managers. Deflected pipelines can indicate poor installation practices, result in reduced flow capacity, and increase the likelihood of faulty joints that leak. Identifying pipeline deflection is an important part of a comprehensive asset management program…but when standard pipeline video is all you have to go on…how can you tell?

All South Underground offers the solution. Laser based pipeline deflection analysis, otherwise known as “Laser Profiling,” is a technique that involves the use of a red laser system in conjunction with video inspection and specialized image recognition software to provide a highly accurate digital profile of the inside of pipelines. The resulting report can be read in chart form or viewed as a 3-Dimensional (3D) model of the inside of the pipeline.

Laser Profiling can be performed by All South Underground as an add-on to most video inspection services for pipelines ranging from 6″ to over 60″.